How To Pick A Pot For Your Plant And Your Home

How To Pick A Pot For Your Plant And Your Home

  • 2021-06-22

Picking the right pot for your plant may be an easy task once you learn the basic rules of thumb; size, materials and drainage requirements.


The first thing you need to know when choosing a pot for your plant, even before you look at the style you need for your home, is the size of pot you need for your plant.


You should definitely consider the type of pot material that best suits your plant’s needs.

In general, all plants will thrive in terracotta and ceramic pots as they are porous and dry more evenly than plastic or even wood pots.

Cute Girls Resin Succulent Planter Flower Pot


One of the key aspects of a pot is its drainage or the lack thereof…

Plants cannot have their roots in stagnant water, or simply put, they’ll die. For this reason, a pot with drainage holes is ideal.

If you have or are going to buy a pot without drainage, you can build your own drainage within the pot.

Just place a good half inch too three quarters of an inch of drainage rocks at the bottom of your pot and add another half inch layer of activated charcoal, which will prevent roots rotting. Place your plant appropriate soil on the pot and plant your plant!

the very small pots without drainage holes, as there isn’t enough space to build the proper drainage layering.

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