Succulent Container Tips for you

Succulent Container Tips for you

  • 2021-09-17

Succulent Container Tips

  • Beware really dark metal containers since they absorb the heat of sunlight. They can literally bake their contents, which is not okay, even for the toughest succulents.
  • If your container has too many holes to hold the soil, insert a coffeepot filter as a partial stopgap.
  • When you clean your container, don’t use chemicals that might harm your plants. After the initial cleaning and succulent plantings, use a clean paintbrush to whiff off any soil residue on the container’s sides, base, and lip.
  • Display your newfound container in ways captivating as the succulents themselves. Stack them. Rotate them. Turn them on their side. And yes, show that broken edge!
  • Save and/or buy containers whenever you find them. That way you’ll always have an inventory on hand for your next special project or special occasion gift.

Good luck with your search. We look forward to seeing your pot-pleasers!

Cute Pig Shaped Ceramic Succulent Container

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