Tips for Storing Small Jewelry

Tips for Storing Small Jewelry

  • 2021-06-07

Tips for Storing Small Jewelry

For each girls and women, If you have many jewelry, then you should know how to organize, otherwise you will find that your jewelry are often gone. For most of us our jewelry collection is treasured. So learning how to organize and store it is essential.

First: Keeping your pieces in individual jewelry boxes or compartments will help keep them safe, organized, and free of dust and other particles.

Second: Separating your jewelry collection by type will help minimize damaging or misplacing pieces. try hanging your necklaces on a jewelry tray holder.

ThirdKeep your Jewelry Visible

Use table top displays or stack your earrings, watches and necklaces in drawer compartments that are easy to access and your will be in the best possible position to do a visual inventory.

Fourth: Keep everyday use easily accessible

Keep your smaller items such as rings and earrings in china dishes that are big enough to store them without intermixing. Bigger jewelry such as necklaces can be hung on Jewelry tray with holder.

Fifth: Keep your valuables safe

The best way to protect your valuable and rarely used jewelry is to keep it in a jewelry safe. Gems such as diamonds and pearls should be stored separately so that they don’t damage each together. Keep each piece wrapped to maintain its appearance and value.



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